Sound Insulation Room
Sound Insulation Room
Damping Composite Sound Insulation Room
Wall,ceiling acoustic/acoustic wall
Corrugated roller
Rubber roller
Mirror roller
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    Changzhou JinRongHua Machine Manufacture co., LTD is the professional manufacturer engaged in the design and production of the sound insulation room for corrugated board production line. It is the only manufacturer which has the patent of sound insulation room for corrugated board production line, with patent No. 201120296839.6.

    We have been focused on sound insulation technology and sound insulation product development, and have the one-stop service ability of the sound insulation engineering designing and construction contracting. For problems of architectural environment planning, and problems of low frequency noise nuisance of architecture supporting facilities, we can provide a good cost-effective solution. In aspects of all kinds of high strength low frequency noise treatment and precision equipment acoustic, we design for each specific project, and ensure that noise and vibration are controlled within the new standard of state environmental protection with limited budget.

    With the principle of people-oriented, customer first, and quality first, in the production process of devices, we continuously explore new methods, summarize new experience, and got user’s consistent high praise for our products. The goal we are seeking is to create quiet working environment, reduce site working temperature, and reduce consumption of energy. Our company will continue to carry out the green environmental protection engineering primarily on noise and heat control facing the new and old customers.

    May we become friends because of the cooperation! Wish to cooperate we are friends forever!

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